TASTE: Not Exhaustive Box Set

Announced some time ago but given an artwork just now, “I’ll Remember” is a box set from TASTE, an Irish power trio led by the late great Rory Gallagher. Stiffening for his talent, the band released two albums in their lifespan and a concert recording which was followed later in 1971, when the group had already broken up, by another one, documenting their appearance at the previous years’s Isle of Wight Festival. There were also bootlegs and some of the collectors’ tapes will be part of this box, scheduled for August 28th release. Its four disc include both studio records, expanded with bonus cuts, unreleased live performances and demos that didn’t land them the deal with Decca the trio wanted so much, yet not the aforementioned concert albums, so it’s not as exhaustive as to be the ensemble’s complete collection.

TASTE - I'll Remember

I’ll Remember

The contents of the box look like these:

Disc 1 – Taste:

1. Blister On The Moon
2. Leavin’ Blues
3. Sugar Mama
4. Hail
5. Born On The Wrong Side Of Time
6. Dual Carriageway Pain
7. Same Old Story
8. Catfish
9. I’m Moving On
bonus tracks:
10. Blister On The Moon (alt. version)
11. Leavin’ Blues (alt. version)
12. Hail (alt. version)
13. Dual Carriageway Pain (alt. version / no vocals)
14. Same Old Story (alt. version)
15. Catfish (alt. version)

Disc 2 – On The Boards:

1. What’s Going On
2. Railway And Gun
3. It’s Happened Before, It’ll Happen Again
4. If The Day Was Any Longer
5. Morning Sun
6. Eat My Words
7. On The Boards
8. If I Don’t Sing I’ll Cry
9. See Here
10. I’ll Remember
bonus tracks:
11. Railway And Gun (“Off The Boards” mix)
12. See Here (alt. version)
13. It’s Happened Before, It’ll Hapen Again (“Beat Club,” Take 2)
14. If The Day Was Any Longer (“Beat Club”)
15. Morning Sun (“Beat Club”)
16. It’s Happened Before, It’ll Happen Again (“Beat Club”)

Disc 3:

Live In Konserthuset Stockholm, Sweden, 1970:
1. What’s Going On
2. Sugar Mama
3. Gamblin’ Blues
4. Sinner Boy
5. At The Bottom
6. She’s Nineteen Years Old
7. Morning Sun
8. Catfish
BBC Live In Concert, Paris Theatre, London, 1970:
9. I’ll Remember
10. Railway And Gun
11. Sugar Mama
12. Eat My Words
13. Catfish

Disc 4:

1. Wee Wee Baby (demo)
2. How Many More Years (demo)
3. Take It Easy Baby (demo)
4. Pardon Me Mister (demo)
5. You’ve Got To Pay (demo)
6. Norman Invasion (demo)
7. Worried Man (demo)
8. Blister On The Moon (“Major Minor” single version)
9. Born On The Wrong Side Of Time (“Major Minor” single version)
Live At Woburn Abbey Festival, UK, 1968:
10. Summertime,
11. Blister On The Moon
12. I Got My Brand On You
13. Medley: Rock Me Baby / Bye Bye Bird / Baby Please Don’t Go / You Shook Me Baby

July 5, 2015

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