Terry Reid: On The Waves Again

Here’s a case of myth hiding a man who must be bigger than the legend. Lines about Terry Reid‘s potential involvement with DEEP PURPLE and his passive part of shaping LED ZEPPELIN what they are have completely eclipsed the singer’s music. Even when his 1973 masterpiece, “River,” is given proper appraisal, the artist’s American period overshadows his early masterpieces – "Bang, Bang, You're Terry Reid" and its self-titled follow-up – as well as his appearance at the inaugural Glastonbury festival. All this may be past affairs, yet 2016 is promising to add a few new chapters to Terry’s story: an alternative version of a classic LP and a live single as well as, possibly, a documentary and a fresh record.

The film in question is to be titled “Superlungs” – that was Reid’s nickname, although, as Andy Fraser remarked to this scribe, “What he did in his early days was just unbelievable… but his voice is a kind of a croak now” – and is to be crowdfunded via Indiegogo in the nearest future. The documentary should definitely be good if its trailer (see below) is anything to go by. Donations will also be a financial source for a new collection of songs which the veteran’s amassed over the years since Terry’s latest studio work, “The Driver,” saw the light of day back in 1991, although they’ve not been laid down in studio yet.



Over that period, though, the singer didn’t really stop playing and the “Live In London” set from 2013 sounded rather OK, so a limited edition of “Live” CD that Reid cut with a band called THE JIGSAW SEEN in Hollywood in 1997 is most welcome. It’s comprised of two pieces – “Young Girl Blues” and “Speak Now Or Forever Hold Your Peace / May Fly” – and will be issued as limited edition of 500 copies, available exclusively through the group’s webshop from April 1st.

More widely available, “The Other Side Of The River” comes from the aforementioned “River” sessions which saw the singer work initially with Eddy Offord, most known for his work with ELP and YES, and then with another producer, Tom Dowd, who gave the record a Mississippi flavor. The sessions, therefore, resulted in more material than a vinyl could house, and now those six previously unreleased cuts and five alternative takes of the songs that made it onto an LP are to be out on May 20th. (The preview is also below.)

A year of Reid, indeed. And here’s the breakdown of “The Other Side”:

TERRY REID - The Other Side Of The River

The Other Side Of The River

1. Let’s Go Down
2. Avenue (F# Boogie) (alt. version)
3. Things to Try (alt. version)
4. Country Brazilian Funk
5. River (alt. version)
6. Listen With Eyes
7. Anyway (alt. version)
8. Celtic Melody
9. Funny (alt. version)
10. Late Night Idea
11. Sabyla


March 15, 2016

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