As it was reported beforeTHE ARISTOCRATS are ready for an early summer release of their third studio work, “Tres Caballeros,” which takes their filigree playing and exquisite humor to a new level. Recorded in the legendary Sunset Studios last February, the album clearly has a distinct South smell to it, and if its title suggests a connection with another trio, a track called “ZZ Top” makes this link more than explicit and other cuts add to it, too. In order to have an ultimate fun, though, one needs to opt not for the standard edition of the record but for a deluxe version that comes with a DVD which – like that on "Culture Clash Live!" – contains a documentary with an on-stage and in-studio footage as well as outtakes, demos and other experience-enhancing stuff.

As for the full song list and the cover artwork, the 8-bit beauty, here they are – and here’s the review:

THE ARISTOCRATS - Tres Caballeros

Tres Caballeros

1. Stupid 7
2. Jack’s Back
3. Texas Crazypants
4. ZZ Top
5. Pig’s Day Off
6. Smuggler’s Corridor
7. Pressure Relief
8. The Kentucky Meat Shower
9. Through The Flower

April 23, 2015

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