THE AVALANCHES Sample Graham Bonnet

GRAHAN BONNET and THE AVALANCHES' albumsAustralians THE AVALANCHES are experts in plunderphonics, the creation of new pieces out of pre-existing audio tracks, and their “Since I Left You” was deservedly a hit all around the world. The band’s latest outing, the “Wildflower” album, is just out, one of its track being “Subways” that warrants a notice for including a sample from Graham Bonnet‘s pre-RAINBOW number “Warm Ride” – written, incidentally, by another Aussie ensemble, BEE GEES, during the “Saturday Night Fever” sessions but left on the shelve for decades. Of course, “Subways” doesn’t have Bonnet’s voice on it, which is a pity.

Listen to both tracks to find out how the “No Bad Habits” tune from 1978 got a new lease of life.


July 13, 2016

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