Jimmy Barnes Bolsters His New Band With Jools Holland

Nowadays, when supergroups are plenty and most of these are one-off efforts, some of such collectives still deserve paying attention to, and THE BARNESTORMERS surely do. Helmed by Jimmy Barnes – whose first live album, from 1988, was titled “Barnestorming” and who, with the LIVING LOUD project behind him, is no stranger to star-studded enterprises – it’s a remarkable embarkment, because there’s a rockabilly tinge to the ensemble’s sound. No wonder, given the band’s guitarist and drummer are, respectively, THE LIVING END’s Chris Cheney and THE STRAY CATS’ Slim Jim Phantom, with famous producer Kevin Shirley handling bass and Jools Holland piano.

The quintet’s self-titled debut will be issued on May 26th, and can be tasted right now via its first single “Johnny’s Gone” (watch the video below), written by Barnes’ COLD CHISEL colleague Don Walker. The platter was laid down on different continents during the pandemic, but the players’ chemistry is palpable, and even if this endeavor should end up as a single-record thing, the listeners must grab their vibe.

The Barnestormers

1. Sweet Love On My Mind
2. Working For The Man
3. Johnny’s Gone
4. Lonesome Train
5. Thirteen Women (And Only One Man)
6. Dear Dad
7. Crazy Crazy Lovin’
8. Sweet Nothin’s
9. Land Of Hope And Glory
10. Real Wild Child
11. 25 to Life


March 16, 2023

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