THE BLUES PROJECT Present Their First New Record In 50 Years

There’s nothing irregular about old ensembles reuniting a few decades after they called it a day and delivering a new record yet there’s something quite unique in a collective that formed in the mid-’60s and never really went away but haven’t recorded a platter for fifty years. Which is why the forthcoming album from THE BLUES PROJECT deserved a lot of attention. Titled “Evolution” and still featuring two original members – guitarist and drummer Roy Blumenfeld – who led the legendary band through different stages, as well as three new musicians – axeman Chris Morrison, bassist Scott Petito and keyboard player Ken Clark – this offering picks up where their eponymous 1972 LP left off and contains fresh cuts alongside genre staples and a couple of special tracks.

“It will be out for our tour, and I’m very happy about how this has turned out.” says Katz, referring to the concert trek which begins in Woodstock on October 6th and then highlighting one of those special numbers. “I found ‘Peru’ on an old rehearsal cassette from 1980 when we had one of our reunions. It was Andy Kulberg’s follow-up to “Flute Thing” that we never performed, but we decided to do it in tribute to Andy who passed twenty years ago.” The other pieces which should complement recently penned songs is “Inside Information” by the group’s founder and alumnus Al Kooper who used to play it in the company of Mike Bloomfield, and Arthur Crudup’s – he of “That’s All Right” fame – “Mean Ol’ Southern”; also worth mentioning is “Played A Little Fiddle” which Steve has previously issued on the album recorded with Stefan Grossman and Danny Kalb but updated here.

So while it might not be evolution per se, this release is impossible to ignore as an important event, as signified by the cover artwork: a piece designed by Steve and crafted by his wife Alison Palmer.


1. Evolution
2. I Won’t Go Back
3. I Played A Little Fiddle
4. In The Spirit
5. Spirit
6. Remedy
7. Peru
8. Roamin’ Blues
9. Inside Information
10. Mean Ol’ Southern
11. All Over The Map
12. Evolution Reprise

September 21, 2022

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