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The Caughtery 2022

Weaving Southern wind into tidal waves, venerable, if freshly formed, Texan duo deliver their debut offering to whet the world’s appetite.

The Caughtery

Possessed of many years of individual success accrued on opposite coasts of the States, Lisa Tingle and David Gayler seemed bound to gravitate towards each other ever since they settled in Austin, so there’s little surprise in the pair’s one-off, single-song recording session not only turned into this mini-album but also brought together a little ensemble of kindred spirits whose freedom emanates from the duo’s first-ever EP. Prefaced with “Fragile” – which would become a centerpiece of the digital platter’s centerpiece – it’s not as brittle as one may presume based on that number’s crystalline swath laid over Tom Brechtlein’s robust beat, Ricky Phillips’ hefty rumble, David’s sharp riffs and synthetic bubbling, and Lisa’s lysergically ebbing vocals, all prone to predatory roar, and the second single, “The Uninvited” where acoustic anxiety will reign supreme, proposes a different narrative to attentive listener, the “I’m fucking angry” line cutting through the hazy sheen.

Still, it’s opener “99 MPH” – the blues-strutting, slider-rolling and mandolin-strumming slice of Delta-scented baroque – and the subsequent raga of “Lockey Came to Play” that host the ferociously romantic pulse destined to keep everybody on their toes for there’s a new force in town, a collective to be reckoned with. As a result, they can easily switch to the blissful folk of “Dog” – because nobody’s going to mess with the duo after such a statement of intent which should suggest Gayler and Tingle have so much more in store, and if they don’t they must come up with a full-length record as soon as possible.


August 7, 2022

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