THE COOLERS – Where The Fish Live

The Coolers 2019


Los Angeles jingle-janglers charge for the jugular on their debut single that taps into primal instincts.

It didn’t take this foursome too long, since the ensemble’s 2018 inception, to serve up the first offering of their creative mind, and if the “Troglodyte” EP is supposed to be a sensible slice of what’s inherently cool for the LA alternative method, its lead-off song stitches the ’60s psychedelia to the ’90s desperate edge.

Once a vulnerable, bare-naked vocals and blunt, sparse riff fill the silence, a menacing intrigue will flow into view, but such a cinematic intro and promise resolve in a heavy kind of blues that Leslie Bumgarner’s licks fathom with restrained panache – perfect for stoner-rock solidity. The mental metal may seem rather regular yet the music’s chthonic vibes are given a shot of lava-like solo to keep things in fresh perspective… or the ancient one, for there’s an echo of “Catfish Blues” in this piece.

Which should warrant a long life to the quartet if they’re able to keep up with their own pace.


July 22, 2019

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