THE CURE Boys Are Reimagined As Funko Figures

To many a music fan Funko figures may seem as something very much peripheral to what these represent; to a lot of other listeners these are as integral part of pop culture as posters of one’s favorite artists. Whatever your personal verdict on that may be, though, it’s difficult to argue with the following fact: only highly recognizable – in visual terms – persons deserve to get a tangible representation of their likeness.

That’s why it beggars belief that powers that be decided THE CURE worth of such treatment for, save for Robert Smith’s patented hairstyle which makes him stand out, the rest of the band can look somewhat anonymous. Yet all of the current members of the quintet – Smith as well as Simon Gallup, Reeves Gabrels, Roger O’Donnell and Jason Cooper – are to see their images, holding instruments rendered in vinyl soon. The fans should undoubtedly rejoice and acquire the set.

November 17, 2022

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