THE EVERYDAYS – When It’s All Over

The Everydays 2016

THE EVERYDAYS - When It's All Over

When It’s All Over

Ode to loss from Black Mountain duo who refuse to yield to pessimism.

As far as second albums go, there’s always a sense of innocence lost, yet Tim Marsh and David Zoll expand on this feeling to make it a binding theme of a whole record. Of course, it’s a perfect fit for Americana’s inherent plaintiveness that the North Carolinians sprinkle with jangle: here’s why their defiant stance in the face of melancholy is so subtle. “Let our burdens be undone,” the duo sing in “One By One” – a hymn of sorts – but what could be a plea has not an iota of doubt in it.

The band’s approach may suggest hazy laziness, “Nothing Does Anything” rippling unhurriedly until a hint of “Here Comes The Sun” and exquisite acoustic guitar lace let shiny rays in for “Loving You” to reach out for the country-rock smiling grace. So while the wail of steel guitar on the title track signals surrender, there’s actually an offer of a new start, and there’s urgency in the soft “Wasting Time” to intensify this invitation. The finale of “Oh This World” is where the duo’s spirituality comes home to roost, its drama turned into lullaby – sad but soothing. Yes, it’s all over… for today, as a better day is right round the corner.


October 4, 2016

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