THE FIRE – Supernova

Valery 2012

THE FIRE - Supernova

THE FIRE – Supernova

Ripping every dog-eared page of the hair metal book, Italian band go bang on their third full-lengther.

It’s so right that’s it becomes wrong, and the title track of this collective puts it quite straight. For all their modern hooks and looks, the quintet sound as if their locks are long and the ’80s barely ended. Which is not a bad thing, actually, as such an approach helps the ensemble keep the melodic element in check. The problem is, those melodies come quite generic and, despite Olly Riva’s vocal acrobatics and his companions’ instrumental dexterity, remindful of myriads other songs, albeit with an alternative fringe.

Much edgier when they occasionally flex a bluesy brawn, the band’s stadium-rousing shouts and catchy riffs fail to support the sway of “Out Of Here”, present here also with Italian lyrics, or “Claustrophobia”. The monumental ballroom hilarity of “Waltzin’ Monnalisa” and the disco glitz of “Follow Me” with a guest spot by metal diva Alteria hit all the right buttons, still, and there are many enjoyable moments. Meaning in the “make up or break up” terms tied to any third album, this one casts a light into the future rather than the past.


May 2, 2013

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