THE FOXHOLES – Radio Cincinnati

The Foxholes 2015

THE FOXHOLES - Radio Cincinnati

Radio Cincinnati

Concise, if cosmic, statement from Catalonian proggers at the end of their first decade on Earth.

Why Barcelona, so famous for its architecture, isn’t as known for its art rock is anyone’s guess, but this trio have been building an edifice of their own for almost 10 years now, and their 30-minute-long fifth album holds more grandiosity than many records of a larger scope. The band keep their message short while going for a concept ride, as opener “Andromeda I” insistently sends its synthesized buzz into ether until Jonah A. Luke’s heavy riff is anchored to the nearest celestial body, although, further down the line, “Andromeda II” throws spaced-out funk into the mix.

Yet there’s no surprise, after “El Mismo Sol” has bended metal clang into a dancefloor stomp for Vicenç Molina’s drums to have a field day, and “De Tus Manos” has rocked wildly. So whereas “Accidente Club” offers a shoegazing exercise with introspective vocals and claustrophobic strum, and “Aswang” flaunts a menacing reciting of its stanzas, the soft organ and six-string lines of “Tu Función” locate optimism in tomorrow’s perspective as shaped by the chorus harmonies. Still, “Te Lo Vuelvo A Recordar” brings the event horizon home with the most soothing promise of calm. Tune your antennas and fly away.


November 3, 2015

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