THE KORGIS Take An Askance Look At Their Kareer

One can never get bored, only dewy-eyed, in the kompany of THE KORGIS who never tire of finding new ways to entertain their followers. So, as if the recent release of the ensemble’s biography and the veterans’ forthcoming concert with an orchestra weren’t enough, the British collective are gearing up for domestic release, on October 28th, of “Kool Hits, Kuriosities & Kollaborations” – the successor of sorts to "Kartoon World" and something they call a Japanese album, because it was compiled at the request of a label from the Land of the Setting Sun yet has a worldwide appeal. As the platter’s title suggests, it’s not a new opus per se but, rather, a fresh approach to the – mostly – previously issued pieces that were given a different shine, feel and color.

To fully grasp what’s in there – and possibly, having taken a glance, hop at the pre-order bandwagon to snatch some goodies in the form of special packages – look here:

Kool Hits, Kuriosities & Kollaborations

1. Lines –
    based on the live version of the group’s first demo,
    with John Baker on lead vocals

2. If I Had You –
    new version with added strings
3. Everybody’s Got To Learn Sometime –
    stripped-down version with added strings
4. Don’t Look Back –
    new version with an electric violin solo and a string orchestra
5. This World’s For Everyone –
    new version feat. The Matsiko World Orphan Choir
6. Happy Man –
    the band’s update of James Warren and Al Steele 2017 song
7. Fast And Loose –
    “Kartoon World” out-take
8. Magic Money Tree –
    original, unabridged version of a “Kartoon World” piece
9. The Ghost Of You –
    based on the original demo, a dance version of a “Kartoon World” song
10. Always A Sunny Day –
    co-penned with Joe Matera who’s featured on the lead vocals
11. The Best Thing You Can Do Is To Love Someone –
    stripped-down version of a “Kartoon World” cut
12. Bringing Back The Spirit Of Love –
    new version of a “Kartoon World” anthem

October 18, 2022

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