THE LIZARDS Are Back With Glenn Hughes And Other Guests

For all their individual prominence, THE LIZARDS are great unknown in the classic rock field as – being a supergroup that comprises bassist Randy Pratt who also does a mean blues harp with CACTUS, singer Mike DiMeo who served with RIOT and MASTERPLAN, guitarist Patrick Klein and drummer Bobby Rondinelli whose CV includes RAINBOW and BLACK SABBATH – they’re respected by their peers but don’t get the attention they deserve. Another reason might be the long gap between the band’s last record, 2008’s cover set "Ar-che-ol-o-gy", and their new one which is scheduled for a September release. Titled “Reptilicus Maximus,” it’s a strong return to form for the ensemble who offered a few guest slots for other artists they toured with, including Glenn Hughes – he was also heard on the LIZARDS’ “Against All Odds” in 2006 and is back with a piece he wrote especially for them – and three axeman: UFO’s Vinnie Moore, SHARKS’ David Lanik and MAHOGANY RUSH’s Frank Marino.  Yet, of course, it’s the group’s own vision that’s the focus here.

DME asked Randy Pratt about the album’s genesis, and that’s what he has to say:
“This record was a difficult birth. We laid down the basic tracks for our seventh CD in 2007, then I had a terrible car accident right before our first headline tour of Europe and injured both hands. I didn’t know if I’d ever play bass again. When I recovered, the band members had gone on to other projects. Pat and I did a record with a band called FUN PUPPET that was more pop than THE LIZARDS, but one day he said to me, ‘I wish THE LIZARDS could do one more record.’ I agreed and we started the long process of finishing the record we had started earlier. Seven years later, here it is… and it may just be our best!”

And here’s the full tracklist for the album:

THE LIZARDS - Reptilicus Maximus

Reptilicus Maximus

1. Ton On The One (feat. David Lanik)
2. Evil Eyes (feat. Frank Marino)
3. Incurable
4. Crash (feat. Vinnie Moore)
5. Crawlin’ King Snake
6. In The Pleasure Dome
7. Wild West
8. Pray For Peace
9. The Rat’s ‘N Us
10. Turnin’ Me Under
11. Miracle Man (feat. Glenn Hughes)

August 30, 2015

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