The McGarrigle Sisters’ Lost Concert To See The Light Of Day

As far as folk-rock royalty goes, Kate and Anna McGarrigle didn’t have to move to Nashville to become the genre’s Canadian princesses who hailed from Quebec and, thus, were able to harness also European tradition as singers-songwriters. Or, rather, songwriters and singers, because it was the numbers they had come up with that found pride of place on platters by such distinguished performers as Linda Ronstadt, Emmylou Harris and Judy Collins – and, later, laid down by the likes of June Tabor, Kirsty MacColl and Elvis Costello – and led to the sisters’ own recording contract. The siblings worked together for decades, receiving the Order of Canada in 1993 and the Governor General’s Performing Arts Award in 2004, until Kate, the younger one, passed away in 2010, her legacy being not only the great music but also talented children, Rufus and Martha Wainwright. For all the McGarrigles’ glory and years of touring, their ten studio albums haven’t been matched by a single official live longplay – the situation which will be remedied on October 7th with the release of the report from the sisters’ German show from 2005.

Titled “Tant Le Monde” and preserved for posterity in Bremen, it reflects the repertoire Anna and Kate took to the Old World in the wake of 2003’s “La vache qui pleure” – their second French album, a follow-up to “Entre la jeunesse et la sagesse” from 1980 – but, of course, contains such classics as “Heart Like A Wheel” and “(Talk To Me Of) Mendocino” alongside fresh songs. Clearly, a historic document of a must-have kind. Read the review.

Tant Le Monde:
Live In Bremen/Germany 2005

1. Love Is
2. La Vache Qui Pleure
3. Ah Tournesol
4. On Your Bond
5. Matapedia
6. The Swimming Song
7. Petite Annonce Amoureuse
8. Gon’ Back To Harlan
9. Red Rocking Chair
10. Tant Le Monde
11. D.J. Serenade
12. I Eat Dinner
13. Ce Matin
14. Heart Like A Wheel
15. Green Rocky Road
16. Mendocino

August 22, 2022

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