The return of GNIDROLOG

A band with a cult following, the legacy of GNIDROLOG is scarce, but for lesser talents the ideas the Goldring brothers, vocalist Colin and guitarist Stewart, put into 1972’s "In Spite Of Harry's Toe-nail" and "Lady Lake" from the same year would have been enough to fill a half-decade’s worth of albums. Not many remember that the twins had a comeback in 2010 with "Gnosis" – although without bassist Peter Cowling and drummer Nigel Pegrum – yet now they plan a new return to the stage.

The Goldring brothers

The Goldring brothers

Says Colin Goldring,
“We have been offered some one-off gigs but they have not date booked yet. The response has been great, and we are looking to do a Japan tour with another band of the same ilk. We havent decided who else is playing with us yet, so we will perform this year as a duo with acoustic, classical guitars, tenor and descant recorders and vocals. Next year we aim to do a band. It’s not easy. I have some wishes to meet before I pop my clogs including doing “I Could Never Be A Soldier” with an Israeli orchestra; it would be great to find someone who would like to fund it. I definitely want to do some new recordings, and it would be great to go back to Nigel in Oz. But at the moment. I’m coming to terms with playing music which, as you realise, is well challenging – onwards and upwards.”

April 3, 2014

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