The Return Of GRAY & WYATT

Tim Wyatt and Kris Gray

Tim Wyatt and Kris Gray

The name of Kris Gray is well-known to the British blues savants: he played bass and produced records by such luminaries as Miller Anderson, Chris Farlowe and Cliff Bennett and also managed Maggie Bell and Ian Hunter. But, before that, in 1973, he teamed up with journalist Tim Wyatt and, in the company of kindred spirits, they laid down “I Am… I Think” backed with “The Man From Naz”, one of the very first independent platters in the UK, under the GROBBERT & DUFF moniker. Then, Tim and Kris parted ways and didn’t hear from each other for decades. Until 2011.

GRAY AND WYATT - Deutsche Girls

Deutsche Girls

When Wyatt decided to sell some of his memorabilia, he discovered that old single’s value, and soon after both Tim and Kris were contacted by the editor of “Record Collector” magazine. And Gray called his old friend. The connection restored, the two met again to, in the course of the next, on the on and off basis, write and rehearse. This February, GRAY AND WYATT, as they call their duo now, cut a 13-song album “Naming The Darkness”, due out soon.

April 24, 2013

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