THE ROLLING STONES at Glastonbury: an expert’s verdict

THE ROLLING STONES’ yesterday’s arrival at this year’s edition of the legendary Glastonbury festival – once a counterculture prime event and now a means for the likes of Paul McCartney to be in-crowd – resulted in today’s mass buzz. Most of those who watched the veterans strut their stuff heap praise at Sir Mick and Co’s brilliance; some, though, slag Keef and the bunch off. But there’s one perfectly balanced look at it.

The famous Charles Shaar Murray, one of the most influential music scribes out there, posted a great verdict on his Facebook page stating, “The Stones are a MAGNIFICENT RUIN … like the Colosseum, the Sphinx, the Parthenon or the pyramids. You go to see ’em knowing up front that they ain;t what they used to be, but rather to marvel that (a) they’re still standing and (b) that something so wonderful ever existed in the first place”. Go to Murray’s FB to read his piece in full.

Meanwhile, there’s a bit of this performance that everyone talks about:

June 30, 2013

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