THE ROLLING STONES - Sticky FingersThere’s something very conceptual about THE ROLLING STONES‘ endeavors of late with regards to archive-digging rather than touring. To ram this point home, the band have two releases lined up to be out around the time of their new, short concert trek. Both projects focus on 1971, arguably the veterans’ most fulfilling, in creative terms, period, one being a reissue of their magnificent “Sticky Fingers” in various formats, the other a unofficially widely spread performance at “The Marquee” in London. As a result, there’s to be an all-round picture of the quintet’s stance there and then.

“Sticky Fingers,” scheduled for June 8th, has a nice range in pricing and content, of which the cheapest is a Deluxe Edition of 2CD or 2LP, where the first is an original album in remastered form, although it’s the same remastering as it was in 2009, and the second a collection of alternate takes and live recordings. Upping that, a Deluxe Edition Box Set adds a DVD with two tracks from the “Marquee” performance, “Midnight Rambler” and “Bitch,” a 72-page book, 4 postcards to the presentation. These look small in comparison to the Super Deluxe Box which houses not only big 120-page book with a real zipper attached, but also a vinyl single “Brown Sugar/Wild Horses,” a print, the same postcards and mini replica of THE STONES’ cut-out figures, as well as the popular among fans “Get Yer Leeds Lungs Out!” bootleg laid down that year in Leeds. The second and third discs comprise the following tracks:

Bonus CD:
1. Brown Sugar (feat. Eric Clapton)
2.Wild Horses (acoustic)
3. Can’t You Hear Me Knocking (alt. version)
4. Bitch (extended version)
5. Dead Flowers (alt. version)
Live At The Roundhouse
6. Live With Me
7. Stray Cat Blues
8. Love In Vain
9. Midnight Rambler
10 Honky Tonk Women

THE ROLLING STONES - Sticky Fingers - Deluxe Edition Box

Sticky Fingers – Deluxe Edition Box

Get Yer Leeds Lungs Out!
1. Jumpin Jack Flash
2. Live With Me
3. Dead Flowers
4. Stray Cat Blues
5. Love In Vain
6. Midnight Rambler
7. Bitch
8. Honky Tonk Women
9. (I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction
10. Little Queenie
11. Brown Sugar
12. Street Fighting Man
13. Let It Rock

Out on June 22nd, “The Marquee Club – Live In 1971” continues the band’s “From The Vaults” series offering archival concert recordings on DVD with CD or LP, and Blu-ray, and is a fantastic, if a bit uneven show, that’s a must-have even for those who’s had it for years in inferior quality. It runs like this:

THE ROLLING STONES - The Marquee Club – Live In 1971

The Marquee Club – Live In 1971

1. Live With Me
2. Dead Flowers
3. I Got The Blues
4. Let It Rock
5. Midnight Rambler
6. (I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction
7. Bitch
8. Brown Sugar
bonus tracks:
• I Got The Blues (take 1)
• I Got The Blues (take 2)
• Bitch (take 1)
• Bitch (take 2)
• Brown Sugar (Top Of The Pops, 1971)

April 9, 2015

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