THE SHAMS – One And All

The Shams 2015

THE SHAMS - One And All

One And All

Pub-rock irreverent revival from San-Fran Eire ex-pats and their local pals.

Punk-pitched and pint-sized, this 6-song EP packs a powerful punch, its only downside being the band’s name – misappropriated from the riot grrrls who also poured folk in their brew – but then there’s shamrock in the lads’ rock. Here’s also a hint of healthy nihilism in the self-glorifying riffage and chorus chant of “Sunset Paddy’s” where the nimble fiddle makes its first appearance. It leaves the listener in the end with the swearing reel on “Sick To Death” but how can one get tired with the catchy “Go On Home Boys”?

This song sees Sean Daly’s battle cry underpinned with James Scragg’s insistent beat and swirled by Joey Kennedy and Henry Moser’s guitars, and the title track is possessed with a powerful anthemity unfolding into a military march – all in the name of love and unity. Yet it’s Tommy O`Mahony’s bass that propels the frayed balladry behind “Not Bothered” into a rocksteady, organ-oiled territory and goes for a solo dance there. And, of course, the glorious, if welcoming, braggadocio is back for “Drinks Are On Me” – it’s an inclusive package we got here with a kind of exclusive merriment. No shame for THE SHAMS!


July 1, 2015

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