THE VIBRATORS Are Ready To Serve Up Their Last-Ever Offering

It feels like original British punk is reaching its expiry date, 55 years after its halcyon daze. Quite recently, U.K. SUBS announced the release of their final studio album, and now THE VIBRATORS are following suit. It was only last year that the veterans reunited with Chris Spedding to deliver the brilliant "Mars Casino" – and now they declare that “Fall Into The Sky” wich will be out on August 12th on CD and vinyl is to be the band’s last-ever studio offering as well.

The group previewed the record in January with the “He’s A Psycho” single (watch the video below) that fleshed out their 1978 idea, but now there’s an entire album of fresh material is ready to hit the shelves. Whether old punk intend to stop playing remains to be seen, but the new platter is going to look like this (read the review):

Fall Into The Sky

1. The Owl And The Kangaroo
2. He’s A Psycho
3. Burning Me Up
4. Battlefield
5. Rock My World
6. Dry Down Under
7. Fall Into The Sky
8. Tomorrow
9. Devil’s Playground
10. Brain Failure
11. Love’s Changed
12. Sat’ Nite
13. Part Of Your World
14. So Long

June 11, 2022

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