THE VIBRATORS Reunite With Chris Spedding On A New Album

Punk rock may have faded in and out of public favor but one of the genre’s originators, England’s own THE VIBRATORS, never disappeared from the face of the earth. Last heard on 2019’s Yuletide romp among other artists – delivering the hilarious “Santa Had To Go Into Rehab” – the veterans not only regrouped recently to get back to the band’s initial line-up but also reunited with a legend who helped them kickstart it all in 1976. Then, almost four and a half decades ago, the quartet – singing guitarist Knox, six-stringer John Ellis, bassist Pat Collier and drummer Eddie, who remained the keeper of the flame through the years, – backed Chris Spedding both on-stage and in the studio, playing on his “Pogo Dancing” single. Spedding facilitated the collective’s signing with Mickie Most’s RAK Records – and now Spedding co-stars on their new album, scheduled to hit the shelves on November 20th.

Titled “Mars Casino” and comprising a devil’s dozen fresh cuts, it looks to be an unmissable missive to both fans and novices alike, bearing the weight of the combo’s experience but sounding easy as usual. When asked about its genesis, Ellis explained: “Since punk music tends to look back at itself, a German label paid for us and Chris to go into the studio to put down a few tracks for a possible release. However, they went off the idea. But we all enjoyed the process and decided to do an album and try to place it at a later date. In the end Cleopatra Records in America took it.” As simple as that – so typical for those who early on promised to keep it clean. Read the review.

Mars Casino

1. Mars Casino
2. Jesus Stole My Little Dog
3. Garbage Can
4. Turn The Pages
5. Big Black Sea
6. Woman 3.2
7. Follow Your Destiny
8. Love Me Forever
9. Made In Heaven
10. Platinum Dress
11. Passing Of Days
12. Paper Tiger
13. This Is The Way

November 2, 2020

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