THE WALK-A-BOUT – Things Are Looking Up

Shred The Evidence 2018

Trying out new line-up, New York quintet cast their glances to the skies to squint at optimistic fallout.

THE WALK-A-BOUT - Things Are Looking Up

Things Are Looking Up

If it takes a band little longer than a year to follow their self-titled debut with a cocky mini-album, something’s clearly cooking there – otherwise, why let new songs out in the open. The reason for such a move was the ensemble’s expanded ranks that brought about an expanded sound, and this EP lays out the change quite nicely, as there are two previously released pieces to complement four fresh ones and make comparison easier, acoustic sunshine of “Drifting Tide” and melancholy of “Oasis” contrasting the equally arresting airiness of the title track. Once Balearic languor is kissed with bluesy harmonica, the ensemble’s mix of exhilaration and slight despair becomes truly irresistible, whereas “By My Side” aims its sweet, strum-sticken harmonies at the most intimate moments of a man’s life to be as simple to relate to.

“It was quite a journey; I enjoyed the ride”: this line may suggest the good things are in the past, yet while the present-depicting “That’s Just The Way It Goes” goes beyond parochial matters, “Consequences” has “future” written all over the group’s “Love Me Do”-like delight. On their way to global glory, if the quintet are to look down, it would be only to rock the stones on the road.



July 31, 2018

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