THE WORD66 – On The Way To Promise Land

The Word66 2021

On The Way To Promise Land

Gospel-spreading Las Vegans set off on a journey to glory.

Christian rock and memorable riff rarely go hand in hand, yet if STRYPER are past their halcyon days now, THE WORD66 only begin to rise and shine – doing that with much fervor and gusto, though. There’s no proselytizing in the trio’s grooves, and the title of the group’s debut EP should evoke a certain Bon Scott line pertaining to direction other than paradise-bound, only it’s Steve Scott leading this little ensemble to catharsis after reembracing faith. So what the American guitarist and his compadres came up with feels infectious enough to let the listener’s soul be cleansed as well.

While “I Am Free” is as serious as it is heavy, the song’s chorus will make one feet shuffle to the rhythm, six-string squeal and cymbals grit negate the menace of “I Feel The Love” to render the piece as sweet as a non-ballad can be – in the band’s own words. But while the mini-album’s title track may seem too in-your-face in terms of glam-smeared metal approach, the rather faithful, albeit catchy and punchy, cover of “Spirit In The Sky” stresses the trio’s interpretative talents.

Theirs is a strong start – they deserved to be believed.


March 23, 2021

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