THE WORD66 – The Chosen One

The Word66 2023

The Chosen One

When a savior checks in, the bunch of Christian rockers check him out.

Two years down the road from their debut EP "On The Way To Promise Land" that put them on quite a few maps, this Las Vegas collective are still trying to get there – with an occasional single to pave the road to the brighter future where, hopefully, a longplay platter looms. “The Chosen One” may actually serve as a milestone of their journey, for it is a song which will project the ensemble’s image onto more radars, a piece whose heaviness doesn’t fail to convince a potential listener in the sincerity of its message. Faith can be optional here; belief in the band’s force cannot.

Starting with a heartbeat and flowering with an Iommian riff that bolster Steve Scott’s mighty pipes, this number gets high to get down to mean business of metal and, anchored by Danny Miranda’s bass, serve up a killer – all blistering harmonies and memorable lines – chorus. So while verses could use a stronger melodic verve, here’s a cut to leave a trace on one’s skin and linger on until the group’s album is brought to the slaughter.


June 10, 2023

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