THE YARDBIRDS’ BBC Sessions See The Ultimate Expansion

They always stood out against other ensembles who came into existence in the early ’60s on the wave of British blues boom because, unlike their colleagues, THE YARDBIRDS successfully combined fantastic improvisations on the genre’s staples – thanks to Eric Clapton, Jeff Beck and Jimmy Page – with brilliant songwriting – courtesy, first of all, Jim McCarty and Paul Samwell-Smith, as well as Graham Gouldman. That’s why the band’s live recordings are so interesting, and the cache of numbers they committed to tape for the Beeb have been delved in many times – yet there’s a new box set in the pipeline.

The four CDs titled “The Ultimate Live At The BBC” that’s planned for May 3rd to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the group’s first documented concert appearance is comprised of 90 tracks – not all of them musical performances – including 32 previously unreleased cuts, with Beck’s era taking three discs and Page’s period the last one. Yet while the rest of the pieces, upgraded in quality now, saw the digital release before, some of the previously issued material seems to be left off this compilation. Why? As per note sent to yours truly by one of the compilers, Ashley Woods, “previous sets misidentified some numbers (this has been corrected) and some previously included tracks were not BBC sessions so they have been left off”: so yes, it’s a definitive edition.

The Ultimate Live At The BBC

CD 1:
“Saturday Club” – March 16th, 1965:
1. I’m Not Talking
2. Berry’s Boogie
3. My Girl Sloopy
4. For Your Love
“Top Gear” – March 22th, 1965:
5. Someone To Love Me
6. I Ain’t Got You
7. Interview: Keith Relf talks about the band’s background
8. TOTP LP Intros “For Your Love”
9. For Your Love
10. I’m Not Talking (full version)
11. Steeled Blues
12. I’m Not Talking (edited)
“Saturday Swings” – April, 9th 1965:
13. Too Much Monkey Business
14. Hush-a-bye
15. I’m A Man
16. Runaround / Bottle Up And Go
17. Spoonful
“Saturday Swings” – June 1st, 1965:
18. I Wish You Would
19. Steeled Blues
20. Interview: Paul Samwell-Smith talks about recording and US tour
21. Interview: Keith Relf requests and Jeff’s 21st birthday
22. Heart Full Of Soul
23. Respectable

CD 2:
“Saturday Swings” – June 4th, 1965:
1. Pretty Girl
2. Steeled Blues
3. I’m Not Talking
4. I Ain’t Done Wrong
5. Louise
“The Ken Dodd Show” – June 9th, 1965:
6. Heart Full Of Soul
“Top Gear” – June 21st, 1965:
7. I Ain’t Done Wrong
8. I’ve Been Trying
9. Heart Full Of Soul
10. Berry’s Boogie
11. I Ain’t Done Wrong
“Easy Beat” – July 3rd, 1965
12. Heart Full Of Soul
“Saturday Swings” – August 5th, 1965:
13. Love Me Like I Love You
“You Really Got Me…” – August, 6th 1965:
14. Wish You Would
15. For Your Love
16. Interview: Keith Relf talks about touring and recording
17. Love Me Like I Love You
18. I’m a Man
19. Too Much Monkey Business
20. Heart Full Of Soul
21. I’m A Man (edited)
“Saturday Club” – September 27th, 1965:
22. Hang On Sloopy
23. Evil Hearted You
24. Interview: Paul Samwell-Smith talks about the “Still I’m Sad” single
25. The Stumble
26. Still I’m Sad
27. The Train Kept A Rollin’

CD 3:
“This Must Be The Place” – October 8th,1965
1. Evil Hearted You
“Easy Beat” – October 9th, 1965:
2. Evil Hearted You
“Sound Of Boxing Day” – November 16th, 1965:
3. The Train Kept A Rollin’
4. Interview: The Yardbirds give their New Year’s resolutions
5. You’re A Better Man Than I
6. Smokestack Lightning (full version)
7. Smokestack Lightning (edited)
“Saturday Club” – February, 28th 1966:
8. You’re A Better Man Than I
9. Interview: Keith Relf on US tour
10. Shapes Of Things
11. I’ve Been Trying
12. Dust My Blues (full version)
13. Dust My Blues (edited)
“Easy Beat” – March 12th, 1966:
14. You’re A Better Man Than I
15. Shapes Of Things
“Saturday Swings” – May 6th, 1966:
16. Jeff’s Boogie
17. The Sun Is Shining (full version)
18. Interview: Keith Relf talks about his solo single
19. Over, Under, Sideways, Down
20. Scratch My Back
21. Shapes Of Things
22. The Sun Is Shining (edited)
“Pop Profile” – June 6th, 1966:
23. Paul Samwell-Smith Interview
“Easy Beat” – June 11th, 1966:
24. Rack My Mind
25. Over, Under, Sideways, Down
“Top Of The Pops” – October 19th, 1966:
26. Happenings Ten Years Time Ago

CD 4:
“Saturday Club” – April 4th, 1967:
1. Most Likely You’ll Go Your Way (And I’ll Go Mine)
2. My Baby
3. Interview: Keith Relf Talks About Touring and Their ‘Little Games’ Single
4. Little Games
5. Drinking Muddy Water
“Saturday Club” – March 5th, 1968:
6. Think About It
“Saturday Club” – March 5th, 1968:
7. Interview: Jimmy Page talks about touring #1
8. Interview: Jimmy Page talks about touring #2
9. Goodnight Sweet Josephine
10. My Baby
“Top Gear” – March 6th, 1968:
11. Think About It
12. Goodnight Sweet Josephine
13. White Summer
14. Dazed And Confused

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