THIN LIZZY Set Their “Vagabonds” On The Loose

September 21st, 1973 was the date when THIN LIZZY delivered “Vagabonds Of The Western World”: their third album, a watershed one, which saw the Irish trio progress not only from soft tone to hard edge – primarily via “The Rocker” and accompanying single “Whiskey In The Jar” – but also from a trio to a quartet, being the band’s last platter to feature the original guitarist Eric Bell and the first to introduce Jim Fitzpatrick’s artwork to the ensemble’s canon. Over the years, it has seen quite a few reissues, most notable being a 1991 expansion that added four bonuses, A- and B-sides of two ’45s, and the 2010 edition, with a bonus disc dedicated to the group’s recordings for the Beeb, yet it never received a box-set treatment – until now.

The collection which will see the light of day on November 17th will include the album with bonuses, all remastered – with the LP’s core tracks present on both CD and Blu-ray, the latter containing the newly created Dolby Atmos mixes – as well as BBC sessions, this time pertaining strictly to the “Vagabonds” period, and working versions of the record’s pieces. All of it is packaged with a hardback book and memorabilia to make the box approach arguably worth the exorbitant price, especially high when asked for a 4 LP variant – although there’s also a 2 LP one, comprised only of studio cuts, released and unreleased.

Vagabonds Of The Western World –
Deluxe Edition

CD 1 – The Album:
1. Mama Nature Said
2. The Hero And The Madman
3. Slow Blues
4. The Rocker
5. Vagabond Of The Western World
6. Little Girl In Bloom
7. Gonna Creep Up On You
8. A Song For While I’m Away
bonus tracks:
9. Whiskey In The Jar
10. Black Boys On The Corner
11. Rudolph’s Tango
12. Broken Dreams
13. The Rocker (single edit)
14. Here I Go Again
15. Cruising In The Lizzymobile

CD2 – BBC Sessions:
John Peel Session – November 28th, 1972:
1. Whiskey In The Jar
2. Suicide
3. Black Boys On The Corner
RTE Radio Eireann Session – January 16th, 1973:
4. 1969 Rock
5. Suicide
6. Broken Dreams
7. Eddie’s Blues / Blue Shadows
John Peel Session – August 7th, 1973:
8. Vagabond Of The Western World
9. Little Girl In Bloom
10. Gonna Creep Up On You
John Peel Session – August 16th, 1973:
11. Randolph’s Tango
12. The Rocker
13. Slow Blues
Bob Harris Session – September 17th, 1973
14. Randolph’s Tango
15. Little Girl In Bloom
16. The Rocker
Radio One In Concert – July 26th,1973:
17. The Rocker
18. Things Ain’t Working Out Down At The Farm
19. Slow Blues
20. Gonna Creep Up On You
21. Suicide

Vagabonds Of The Western World –
Deluxe Edition

CD3 – Working Versions:
1. Gonna Creep Up On You (take 2 – instrumental)
2. Little Girl In Bloom (take 2 – instrumental)
3. Here I Go Again (extended version)
4. The Rocker (take 1 – instrumental)
5. Slow Blues (take 2 – instrumental)
6. Suicide (take 3 – instrumental)
7. Suicide (guitar – “Needles And Pins” jam)
8. A Ride In The Lizzy Mobile (take 2 – instrumental)
9. Mama Nature Said (vocals and organ – take 6)
10. Whiskey In The Jar (extended version – rough mix)
11. Black Boys On The Corner (rough mix)
12. Gonna Creep Up On You (acetate mix)
13. Baby’s Been Messin’ (acetate mix

1-8 – as on CD1

September 16, 2023

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