THIRD LUNG – Sister Sinner

These Bloody Thieves 2018

THIRD LUNG - Sister Sinner

Sister Sinner

British band gear up for their second cycle and serve up invigorating song to announce it.

Looks like there’s a pattern to the Reading quartet’s curriculum as, after an EP, a full-length album and a live recording, they’re ready to give their listener another EP. Scheduled for 2019, “Sooner Or Later” is raring to run, and “Sister Sinner” is its inaugural single. And a good one at that.

The song radiates riff-ruffled rapture that’s wrapped in thick six-string cloth woven by Camilla Jurasek and Tom Farrelly whose booming, yet tremulous, voice cuts through it to mingle with the joyous jangle. The catchy, punchy tune is punctured in all the right places with Rob Jacques’s bass and propelled to ultimate bliss with Sam Waugh’s drums, becoming a sort of anthem along the way – or it could become an anthem were the groove not as upbeat. Given a pace like this, the awesome foursome may feel Blighty will soon be too small a territory for them.


December 23, 2018

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