THIS OCEANIC FEELING: A New Pop-Prog Supergroup

While pop and prog still may seem like strange bedfellows, there are people who bestride this deceptive rift – people such as singer-guitarist Chris Braide, who co-wrote songs for the likes of Christina Aguilera yet released an album with Geoff Downes, and bassist Lee Pomeroy, who played with Rick Wakeman and Steve Hackett but could be seen performing at the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee with the likes of Robbie Williams as well as helping TAKE THAT currently. Now, having recorded together on Yuna’s “Nocturnal” in 2013, the two joined forces with drummer Ash Soan whose credits include Lily Allen and Billy Idol, to form THIS OCEANIC FEELING. The art-rock collective’s debut, “Universal Mind,” is scheduled for release July 17th and promises to be a melodious treat.

 Maybe, the logo’s font derived from PINK FLOYD’s “The Endless River” is a bit of a heavy hint at the band’s chosen genre, but it’s going to be interesting within a trio framework.

UNIVERSAL MIND - This Oceanic Feeling

This Oceanic Feeling

1. Lie Detector
2. Put Down The Gun
3. Radio
4. Logotherapy
5. Universal Mind
6. Intensive Care
7. Wake Up
8. I Play Debussy
9. Johnny Tragic
10. Karma Camera
11. Season Of Light
12. Finale

June 8, 2015

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