Transubstans 2014

Building up from their previous plateau, Swedish trio’s third one adds weight to the variety.



2012’s "Understand The World" made good on its promise to cater for classic hard rock scene, but the title of that album’s follow-up sounds even more ambitious, if short. Same goes for the songs of which only a half runs for epic demarcation, and one, the infectious “Tablas Of Bahar,” is an instrumental adventure involving reggae groove and blues rumble. For the most part, erstwhile heaviness abates to make room for a ragged guitar and velvet organ in this dangerous place, where rules are mirage-like.

Thus, “By The Book” injects a dose of psychedelic uncertainty into the band’s melodic vein, and “Familiar Song” also offers emotionally shaky, almost funky ground with allusions to “Concierto de Aranjuez,” yet “Food For The Day” feels quite raw – great for a live situation but very uneven for a studio cut. The roar sounds no less wild in “Drowning” as vocal harmonies weave their message into the wah-wah canvas, while “No Shame” unfolds its sweet tragedy in a traditional, if moving, way that leads from the Delta swamps to Bach and back, as Sartez Faraj’s guitar wails and coils in anguish. It fits the growing pains motif, although such unevenness should’t have place on the trio’s next album.


January 26, 2015

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