Scarlet 2015


Sole Freedom

Wings of their own: hard rock ensemble from Italy in search of their real selves.

Back in 2013, when this band roped in Mark Boals as a co-writer and singer, it was obviously a temporary situation and, when it came to touring, the vocalist abdicated. He’s there, though, on their 5-track transition to the next full-lengther, opening with “The Best Things Are Free” where the blues informs the raging rifferama and acoustic strum, before the group’s live warbler takes centerstage and lets rip. In the presence of Alessio Spini, the folk strain becomes more pronounced, yet “Let Me Breathe” throws metal all over the rustic pattern, and “Break The Cage” adds a dance groove to the mix for the ensemble to hit all the right buttons.

So while the romantic “Blind Without You,” where Frank Caruso and Andy Ringoli’s twin axes yield power to piano, reeks of the ’80s, it feels good. But instrumental “Lightning, Thunder And Rainbow” strives too hard to become epic and could eventually implode if not for the tasty guitar boogie in its midst and translucent soloing. Whether it’s freedom, is a debatable point, whereas the rising of it all is clear. Until the next album, then.


September 22, 2015

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