Thunderdogs 2023


Lviv’s stoner trinity take a stand and reach for liberty in the time of war.

It’s impossible to believe but this impressive piece has nothing to do with Russian invasion in Ukraine – “Grave” was written before the atrocities started – yet the sentiment stemming from the “We fail, we kill / Our God is real” refrain which is carried on serrated riffs seems to provide a perfect reflection for the current state of affairs in the region where the cut’s performers reside. However, while the song’s timely release imbued the trio’s aggressive delivery with relevance, there’s also bluesy swagger to render the result rather riveting and, well, western-like, entertaining, especially when set against the ensemble’s visual image.

As Yuliy Spivakov’s harmonic guitar waves bring in Yuriy Futalo’s gravelly voice and rumbling bass, a sense of harried grandeur spreads in the air with Forat Al-Alusi’s cymbals and drums measuring the tension through theatrical thunder, whereas the lava-esque six-string solo should prepare the listener for the funereal chant which will see the song fade out and embrace timelessness. It’s an anthem for our times – Hail Ukraine!


July 22, 2023

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