Tim Motzer Presents A Duplet Of Concert Albums

Living in a city whose very history suggests liberty, Philadelphian Tim Motzer has been at the forefront of truly progressive, always moving forward and frequently avant-garde, art-rock for a decade now, both solo and as part of such collectives as ORION TANGO – whose "The Apple Of No" is one of the last years’ best records – but while the guitarist’s studio creations are possessed of undeniable allure, his concert recordings reflect this player’s ultimate freedom in terms of composition and performance. That’s why it’s impossible to ignore a brace of on-stage documents that Motzer released recently.

Live At Kennett Flash / Live at Sellersville Theater

Titled “Live At Kennett Flash” and “Live at Sellersville Theater” and presented as undivided tracks, “each record – or set of improvisations – is a single flow,” says Tim. “I haven’t actually named the piece or any of its sub-parts at this time.” It has to be noted that the albums were laid down in 2022: the Kennett Flash one on April 29th and one from Sellersville a day earlier – both times when the guitarist opened the show of his friends STICK MEN.

As he explained, it was “a sonic journey for acoustic-electric guitar and electronics for the unsuspecting audience there. These improvs resemble dreams in a way. Dreams can suddenly take crazy turns and morph into other scenarios, atmospheres, and places in a flash. At least that is how it feels to me sometimes as I am playing.” To feel this vibe, one has only to go to Tim Motzer’s Bandcamp page.

September 11, 2022

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