TINYFISH’s Simon Godfrey Presents TRIBE OF NAMES

A full decade has passed since the world last heard of TINYFISH: the English proggers didn’t announce their breakup – only they didn’t play after 2012, with the "One Night On Fire" DVD remaining the unique document of the ensemble’s erstwhile concert presence. The band’s future seemed even deeper in limbo since one of founding members, singer and composer Simon Godfrey moved to the other side of Atlantic two years later and built a new life in Philadelphia – yet he’s continued to write, putting out two platters as SHINEBACK in the next decade, but November 4th is the date when the debut album of his new collective, TRIBE OF NAMES, will be released.

Titled “Evolver” and featuring, alongside Godfrey, bassist Tom Hyatt, drummer Scott Miller and guitarist Karl Eisenhart, all four formerly working under the name VALDEZ before transforming their operation into ToN and finally taking it all to the stage on November 5th in Glenside, PA. Why the change, then?

Simon says, “As VALDEZ, we were still searching for a sound to call our own. As TRIBE OF NAMES we’ve finally located a style and a chemistry inside ourselves that we never knew existed. ‘Evolver’ was three years in the making and every step in the road took genuine effort. We underwent two line-up changes, lost our band name and had to rebuild the album from the ground up. The good news is that we feel the completed record is a musical victory because all the hard work paid off.”


As for the album’s songs, they run like this (and are available for pre-order on Bandcamp):

1. Tribe Of Names
2. They Live To Cry
3. Liar, Liar
4. Everyday Haunted
5. White Nile
6. The Last Unsung Girl
7. Mayfly
8. Dirt On The Inside

October 16, 2022

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