TIR NA NÓG Dust Off Their Live Tapes

Sonny Condell and Leo O’Kelly, known collectively as TIR NA NÓG, is one of the most prominent folk, or folk rock, groups to have hailed from Éire, and their albums, such as "Strong In The Sun" from 1973, resonate through the years. Sadly, the same can’t be said of the duo’s stage recordings of which there have been few, including "Live At The Half Moon" that documented the veterans’ 2015 concert, because none of those platters hark back to the band’s beginnings. This situation is to be remedied on January 28th, 2022, when “Live 1970-’71” will see the light of day on CD and as a digital download.

An array of the Irishmen’s performances before the audience and on-the-spot in the studio, partly for John Peel’s show, it’s based on the ensemble’s 1971 debut but it also includes pieces which they never preserved for posterity on vinyl: the covers of Bob Dylan’s “Maggie’s Farm” and Joni Mitchell’s “Woodstock” alongside other rarities. So even if it takes a true aficionado to want to listen to three takes on “Daisy Lady” – somewhat different, of course, – the historic importance of these tapes should be impossible to underestimate. Read the review.

Live 1970-’71

1. Let My Love Grow
2. Daisy Lady
3. Mill Pond
4. Looking Up
5. Time Is Like A Promise
6. Woodstock
7. I’m Happy To Be (On This Mountain)
8. Daisy Lady
9. Tír Na nÓg
10. Boat Song
11. Aberdeen Angus
12. Looking Up
13. Mariner Blues
14. Daisy Lady
15. Live A Day
16. Maggie’s Farm
17. Tír Na nÓg
18. Dante

November 3, 2021

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