TIR NA NÓG Dust Off Their Lost Concert

While it can’t be said that the on-stage aspect of TIR NA NÓG‘s existence was always ignored by their labels, the fact is that most of the Irish duo’s concert albums are documents of their shows played from the mid-’90s onward. However, recently the archival gates began to open and, hopefully, a historical stream of recordings started with last year’s "Live 1970-'71" will widen into a flood. At least, now there’s a new tape got uncovered and issued.

Given the title of “Love Lost – Live In Bremen 1973” and comprising most of the tracks from the band’s third – and last in their initial span – longplay "Strong In The Sun" from 1972, it comes not from one of the performances Leo O’Kelly and Sonny Condell did as a support act for either JETHRO TULL or PROCOL HARUM, but from their headlining appearance in Bremen’s church Liebfrauenkirche on September 19th, 1973, making it a welcome, full-length addition to the little ensemble’s discography.

Love Lost – Live In Bremen 1973

1. Lady Ocean
2. Most Magical
3. Teesside
4. Cinema
5. Strong In The Sun
6. Time Is Like A Promise
7. Saw Your Name In The Paper
8. Bluebottle Stew
9. Love Lost
10. Whitestone Bridge
11. Free Ride

May 1, 2023

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