TIR NA NOG Go Live Again

Many a folk rock connoisseur would be forgiven for thinking that famed Irish duo TIR NA NOG are long non-existent, but, fortunately, it’s not the case. Having released a triplet of brilliant LPs in 1971-1973 – self-titled one"A Tear And A Smile" and "Strong In The Sun" – the band might have stopped in 1974 yet, after a couple of one-off reunions – have been back for good since 1985. Still, it took Leo O’Kelly and Sonny Condell until 2015 to come up with a fourth album, although “The Dark Dance” – arguably as strong as its predecessors and voted in “Classic Rock” magazine as Number 3 in its best records of 2015 list – somehow went unnoticed by the crowds… except for those who attended the group’s concerts. One of these, the album’s launch, was held at Putney’s legendary venue, as reflected in the title of “Live At The Half Moon” – a document of it, issued now on vinyl and as a download.

It features both the TIR NA NOG’s classic tracks and new pieces and, as such, differs from their previous concert recordings. There are only 10 tracks but all of them are really precious (read the review):

TIR NA NOG - Live At The Half Moon

Live At The Half Moon

1. Time Is Like A Promise
2. You In Yellow
3. Looking Up
4. Ricochet
5. I Pick Up Birds At Funerals
6. I Have Known Love
7. Eyelids Into Snow
8. The Lady I Love
9. Free Ride
10. Two White Horses

March 19, 2016

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