Todd Rundgren takes his blues to the stage

For all the versatility of Todd Rundgren whose records encompass everything from Beatlesque pop rock to rap and from heavy metal to prog, his 2010’s opus, “Johnson,”  wherein the veteran got quite deep under the blues skin to present his own view of the titular Robert, a legend on all counts, came as a major surprise. More so, Todd was no slouch in delivering a good part of that album on stage, and it’s whence arrives Rundgren’s new CD/DVD package “Johnson Live,” out on November 4th.

Accompanied by Jesse Gress, old buddy Prairie Prince and a man from UTOPIA Kasim Sulton, on this release Todd mixes timeless blues with a sprinkling of his own perennials such as “I Saw The Light,” which makes it all all the more fascinating, especially after 2013’s "State". Read the “Johnson Live” review.

TODD RUNDGREN - Johnson Live

Johnson Live


1. Dust My Broom
2. Stop Breaking Down
3. Kiddie Boy
4. Kindhearted Woman Blues
5. Bleeding
6. Last Fair Deal Gone Down
7. Love In Vain
8. Sweet Home Chicago
9. Unloved Children
10. I Went To The Mirror
11. Come On In My Kitchen
12. Hellhound On My Trail
13. Travelling Riverside Blues
14. Crossroads Blues
15. I Saw The Light
16. Boogies (Hamburger Hell)


1. Dust My Broom
2. Stop Breaking Down
3. Kiddie Boy
4. Soul Brother
5. Kindhearted Woman Blues
6. Bleeding
7. Black Maria
8. Last Fair Deal Gone Down
9. Love In Vain
10. Open My Eyes
11. Sweet Home Chicago
12. Unloved Children
13. I Went To The Mirror
14. Come On In My Kitchen
15. Hellhound On My Trail
16. Weakness
17. Travelling Riverside Blues
18. Crossroads Blues
19. I Saw The Light
20. Boogies (Hamburger Hell)

October 8, 2013

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