Todd Rundgren’s UTOPIA Delivers Tour Report

While his solo career goes on forever, Todd Rundgren’s UTOPIA didn’t spend a lot of time on stage from 1985, when they promoted "POV", and their 2011’s reunion wasn’t long – which can’t be said of the band’s last year’s get-together, when they played more than 30 shows. One of those, preserved for posterity on May 22nd, 2018, will be released as a concert album on April 5th. “Live At Chicago Theatre” is featuring, alongside Todd, the ensemble’s mainstays, the mighty rhythm section of Kasim Sulton and Willie Wilcox, with keyboard player Gil Assayas, drafted in shortly before the tour started.

The album will be available as a combo of 2CD, Blu-Ray and DVD, where each audio disc contains a single set, as performed there and then with a break, and as a limited edition green double vinyl. And here’s the entire tracklist (read the review):

Todd Rundgren's UTOPIA - Live At Chicago Theatre

Todd Rundgren’s UTOPIA –
Live At Chicago Theatre

CD 1:
1. Utopia Theme
2. The Ikon
3. Another Life
4. Do Ya
5. Freedom Fighters
6. The Wheel
7. Back On The Street
8. Something’s Coming
9. Monument
10. Overture – Communion With The Sun
11. Last Of The New Wave Riders

CD 2:
1. Road To Utopia
2. Play This Game
3. Swing To The Right
4. Trapped
5. Set Me Free
6. Love In Action
7. Hammer In My Heart
8. Princess Of The Universe
9. I Will Wait
10. Rock Love
11. Love Is The Answer
12. One World
13. Just One Victory

February 17, 2019

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