Tony Carey Opens A View On His Work

For many years, some people found it hard to grasp the fact that Tony Carey who wrote European pop hits such as “Room With A View” was the same man who played on RAINBOW’s monumental “Rising” album, although many traced his connection to prog endeavors such as PLANET P PROJECT. It looked like the keyboard player had left hard rock for good, until Tony joined assorted Blackmore associates in OVER THE RAINBOW, but this year Carey’s set to commemorate his contribution to the genre with RAINBOW PROJECT – delivering on-stage the pieces he used to do with Ronnie James Dio at the front.

While preparing for this, though, the veteran took part in Sweden Rock Festival last year, and the document of this event forms the first disc of “Showtime”: a 2DVD collection that finds him in different settings, delving in his vast catalogue of gems like “A Fine, Fine Day” and “Tarot Woman.” Out anyday soon, it’s a brilliant introduction to the artist’s oeuvre.

With only a small overlapping of tracks, the DVDs run like this:

TONY CAREY - Showtime


DVD 1:

Sweden Rock Festival 2015:
1. Ogallala Boulevard
2. Why Me
3. Burning Bridges
4. A Boy Who Can’t Talk
5. A Letter From The Shelter
6. Bedtime Story
7. Tarot Woman (feat. Age Sten Nilsen)
8. Run With The Wolf (feat. Age Sten Nilsen)
9. It’s Your Party
10. A Fine, Fine Day
11. Sweden Rock Extras
12. Tony Carey Interview

DVD 2:

With Zöller Network:
1. Miles Away
2. Be Free
3. Room With A View
4. Jonesy’s Blues
5. The Deal
6. Along The Ponchartrain
7. Take You Out Tonight
Tony Carey Solo:
8. For You
9. Goodnight America
10. Hallelujah
11. Storyville
12. The Stranger
13. Comes The Flood
14. Friends
15. Room With A View
16. What I Did
17. Trampoline
18. Jenny Lee
19. Blue Highway

February 12, 2016

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