Tony Christie Heading For Cropredy With New Record

This artist is one of the most unexpected performers scheduled to appear at Cropredy Festival 2024 – both from stylistic point of view and in light of last year’s announcement of him being diagnosed with dementia – yet there’s perfect logic in Tony Christie‘s one-off return to the stage. First off, his 2015’s platter was “The Great Irish Songbook” – a record emphasizing the veteran’s folk credentials – and then, February 16th will see the release of his new album.

Titled “We Still Shine” and featuring eleven fresh cuts, with the no less legendary Graham Gouldman involved in the recording, it will be issued on CD and in digital format that’s to include Atmos mix. Laid down in Nashville, the platter is a country-tinctured offering which may signal Christie’s final present to his listeners, and that’s why it’s so precious.

We Still Shine

1. Home Home Home
2. Early Morning Memphis
3. Just Like Yesterday
4. Angel Eyes
5. Hangin’ Around
6. We Still Shine
7. In The Times Of My Weakness
8. It’s Been A While Since I Missed You
9. Sail Away
10. Once Upon A Time
11. That’s What Friends Are For

January 29, 2024

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