Tony Hymas Takes To The Skies One More Time

He could be called a legendary keyboard player, yet Tony Hymas has always been a secret weapon of British jazz-rock, his tunes and ivories leaving indelible ornaments on platters by two great late JB’s, Jack Bruce and Jeff Beck, as well as on records by bands the veteran used to be an integral part of, PH.D – where his “H” rubbed shoulders with Simon Phillips’ “P” and Jim Diamond’s “D” – and SKY for whom he even sang “”Desperate For Your Love” back in 1985. For the last four and a half decades, the maestro has also had an impressive run of solo and duo albums, one of which, “Flying Fortress” from 1988, is a many a listener’s favorite. That’s why the 80-years-old decided to reissue this rarity – and provide it with a sequel.

Out on December 1st as a 2CD set, the classic is accompanied with “Back On The Fortress” which sees the return of a couple of players who performed on its predecessor – guitarist Hugh Burns, Tony’s friend since Bruce days, and saxophonist Stan Sulzmann – alongside Terry Bozzio, Hymas’ colleague during his Beck’s stint, and other luminaries. Must be a treat to listen to.

Flying Fortress /
Back On The Fortress

CD 1 – Flying Fortress:
1. 6000 Miles Away
2. The Great Wheel
3. So English
4. ICU
5. Bleak Bleak
6. Lunchtime Automatic Ballet
7. Lullaby
8. My Barian Dream
9. Superhero 2
10. Pictures Of Departure
11. Flying Fortress

CD 2 – Back On The Fortress:
1. Blue Sky, Green Vezere
2. Flying Phosphenes
3. Notes From A Beleagured Isle
4. Just Jump, Will You!
5. I’d Love You
6. Can I Come In?
7. Warrior For Sale
8. In The River Of Dreams
9. A Declaration
10. Thick Hang The Clouds
11. Further Notes
12. An Overture Of Sorts
13. Back On The Fortress

November 22, 2023

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