Tony Martin Is Ready For A New Album Release

Despite a solid following and his role in BLACK SABBATH’s resurgence in the late ’80s, Tony Martin remains a very much underestimated artist, and no amount of guest appearances on other people’s records can seem to rectify this. Perhaps, all of it is because the singer’s solo releases has been rather few and far between, amounting to two albums: the magnificent and not-too-heavy “Back Where I Belong” from 1992 and a rather hefty “Scream” from 2005. Looks like the veteran’s third offering under his own name, titled “Thorns” and scheduled to hit the shelves on January 14th, 2022, was done in a metal vein as well, as it features, among others, renown bassists Greg Smith, who played with the likes of RAINBOW, and Magnus Rosén of HAMMERFALL fame, VENOM’s Danny Needham on drums, and Scott McClellan on guitar.

The album’s pre-sale starts on December 1st, its tracklist running like this:


1. As The World Burns
2. Black Widow Angel
3. Book Of Shadow
4. Crying Wolf
5. Damned By You
6. No Shame At All
7. No Where To Fly
8. Passion Killer
9. Run Like The Devil
10. This Is Your Damnation

September 4, 2021

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