Tony Muggs Details His Struggles And Triumphs In A Book

It’s been more than two decades since THE MUGGS arrived on a Detroit blues-rock scene to stand and deliver an arresting array of strong albums that see the ensemble embrace not only the classic Delta idiom – as preserved for posterity on their only concert record, 2013’s "Full Tilt: Live At Cadieux Cafe" – but also – as "Straight Up Boogaloo" suggested back in 2015 – weaving heavier strands in the heady mix brewed by guitarist Danny Methric and bassist Tony DeNardo. Only not everything went smoothly for the band: there was a tragedy preceding their ascent.


The collective had laid down a demo EP and began actively gigging in 2001 before Tony suffered a hemorrhagic stroke that left the musician paralyzed on his right side and unable to speak, let alone record or perform. DeNardo’s comrades rallied to soldier on once he’s recovered, playing meanwhile in other groups, and to speed his recovery through raising funds for the bassist’s medical treatment. And in two years the impossible happened: the seemingly fallen Mugg returned to the fray to pursue success – including a stint on “The Next Great American Band” TV show.

All this and much, much more became a subject of “Autobiograffitti”: Tony’s autobiography which is currently available via Amazon in hardcover and as a paperback as well as on .pdf that can be obtained by contacting Mugg directly, through email on the dedicated website, where any interested listener/reader will find a lot of additional information about his struggles and triumphs, and the life-affirming powers of friendship and music.

December 28, 2022

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