TONY NATALE – The Camden Promise

Tony Natale 2017

TONY NATALE - The Camden Promise

The Camden Promise

From New Jersey’s Camden to London’s Camden Town, drummer to the stars paints a second solo platter.

“Try to be the best,” urges the opening line of this album, but it’s not about blitz or trying to blind the listener with instrumental brilliance; the titular promise implies sincerity of Tony Natale’s tunes. Staying behind the singers who deliver them, it’s his skins that drive pieces as different as the soft “What If You Did?” where tickling guitars and ticking groove subtly support the voice, while “Promiseman” is where the record’s main theme has a hypnotic quality thanks to its tribal rhythm and a jagged blues guitar – also meandering through the otherwise dry “You Love Takes Me Home” that’s lead by wooden percussion.

Laid down in London – that’s why there’s a shoegaze sheen to “Insanity” and “U Shine” is infused with English kind of fuzzy psychedelia – the record retains the spirit of America for the most part, the slightly jangly “Nobody” exuding lazy air which used to fill Laurel Canyon aeons ago, whereas “3 Days On The Road” rolls out an unhurried Latino jive, and “Boogie Around” is where Natale’s love for high-octane rockabilly is uncovered. Topping it all is a scintillating pop ballad “The Way You Walk” that’s voiced by THE YARDBIRDS’ John Idan who also provided bass for a few tracks here, and indeed, Tony’s walk leaves a sweet trail behind: he may not be the best, but he’s trying to – impressively so.


September 29, 2017

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