Tony Valentino Puts A Spin On THE STANDELLS Past

It was 60 years ago, in 1963, when the world first saw the name THE STANDELLS and first heard them provide incidenral music for Connie Francis film “Follow the Boys” before this Los Angeles ensemble exposed America to their dirty garage rock and a rather unkempt looks. Not that all these got in the way of the band’s singles grabbing teenagers’ attention, with “Dirty Water” hitting Top 10 in 1965 – owing quite a large part of the song’s success to the sound of Tony Valentino‘s guitar. Still leading his version of the group, he decided to reconnect to their roots now, and releases “Dirty Water Revisited” on May 26th.

It’s an album, not a single, this time, on which the revered six-stringer presents fresh cuts of his old collective’s classics and augments mostly familiar, and rather influential, tunes with a couple of new numbers, one titled “I’m A Sexy Punk Rocker” – a great piece coming from a septuagenarian. Worth giving a listen.

Dirty Water Revisited

1. Dirty Water
2. Sometimes Good Guys Don’t Wear White
3. Barracuda
4. There Is A Storm Comin’
5. I’m A Sexy Punk Rocker
6. Why Did You Hurt Me
7. Riot On Sunset Strip
8. Try It
9. Vicki
10. Love Me

January 22, 2023

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