TRADER HORNE: A One-Off Comeback

TRADER HORNE PosterTRADER HORNE are to be back! Reclaiming her glory and still on the rise, Judy Dyble has went not only for writing her autobiography but also for resurrecting the legendary, if not mythical, band the singer once was a part of, together with Jackie McAuley. Their only album, “Morning Way,” a collector’s item and a connoisseur’s delight, there’s been a cult of their music for years, but Judy had stayed out of the business for decades, although her recent return rekindled hope for the HORNE revitalization, and Dyble’s live recording from 2014 featured “Jenny May” by McAuley. And now, the comeback is on.

DME asked Judy about this turn of events, and that’s what she has to say:

“Someone suggested that it might be a good idea for Jack and I to do one final show together as we haven’t played together for 45 years – apart from one song in a pub! – and reminded me that it is 45 years this year since “Morning Way” was released. So Jack thought about it, I thought about it, the original person who suggested it who had far too grand a plan to be viable, disappeared… and Jack and I agreed to do it and see what happens anyway

Riverjuke, the promoter, scaled down the plans and my new record label, Earth, came on board, so it’s going ahead at “Bush Hall” in London on November 29th. And it will be fun. We are currently working out what keys we can both sing in, as our 2015 voices have changed somewhat from our 1970 voices (smiles) and it will be good!”

Tickets for this unique event – which, hopefully, someone will film – are available from Dyble’s own shop as well as the “Bush Hall” box office.

August 25, 2015

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