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With “Black Cloud” and “You Are The Music” to name but two, they could reach a tremendous success – perhaps, rivaling the success of another British trio, CREAM – but the ascension of TRAPEZE was hampered when the band’s singing bassist Glenn Hughes got poached by DEEP PURPLE, which set the trend of the collective’s members being hunted by bigger groups. With Rob Kendrick joining BUDGIE, Dave Holland departing for JUDAS PRIEST and Pete Goalby moving into URIAH HEEP, the Wolverhampton team’s leader Mel Galley appeared stranded and accepted the invitation to join WHITESNAKE, thus consolidating his ensemble’s status as a supplier of great players – and great platters, too.

There were only six studio longplays, so every incarnation of the band recorded some material that didn’t see the light of day – of note are the tracks with Mervyn Spence who would go to sing on "Innervision" which was the third chapter of the PHENOMENA project masterminded by Mel’s brother Tom, and cuts with Hughes laid down during the original trio’s reunion that brought about the rather abominable "Welcome To The Real World" live album – and some of them will be issued on November 24th. What “Lost Tapes Vol. 1” are comprised of, pieces coming from different eras, is just a part of the material the late Mel left with Tom who eventually decided to launch a series of archival releases. Finally – it’s a long-overdue outing for this part of rock history!

Lost Tapes Vol. 1

1. Cool Water
2. Lover
3. Breakdown
4. Don’t Let Them Push You
5. Destiny
6. Lights Of Tokyo
7. So In Love
8. Bad Kid From School
9. Catching Up On You
10. Do You Understand
11. Enough Is Enough
12. You’ve Got It
13. Who Do You Run To
14. Going Home

October 10, 2023

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