Trevor Bolder R.I.P.

Trevor Bolder in Jerusalem © DME

Trevor Bolder in Jerusalem

Can’t believe, I just can’t believe: my friend Trevor Bolder has passed away.

One of the most unassuming persons you could ever meet, on stage he used to turn into a bass beast – be it with David Bowie, WISHBONE ASH or URIAH HEEP, the band  that became Trev’s home for more than three decades.

Off-stage, though, Bolder was always quiet. As he told me during our longest conversation, “Like with a lot of bass players, it’s the playing. It doesn’t matter how famous you are if they don’t like what you do, then they dismiss you. I’m not a musician who’s been in a lot of bands, hanging around and playing with lots of different people, so most people who know me they’re HEEP fans and they know about HEEP, and your usual Bowie fan is not a HEEP fan, they’re dedicated to Mr. Bowie and don’t know where you are. <…> I’m very shy in a lot of ways. I mean, I’m OK on-stage, I do what I do, but I’m not one of those people who go out and say, “Hey, look at me! I’ve just come off-stage! Here I am!” Yet here he was, and now he’s not.

Sad, sad day.


May 21, 2013

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