Trevor Horn Corners Fripp, Iggy And Other Friends For New Set Of Covers

Those who’ve been waiting new music from the venerable Trevor Horn since he moved back to front YES, if only on record, to contribute to “Fly From Here – Return Trip” and to move on, were only slightly disappointed by “Reimagines The Eighties” which the producer released in 2019, because this set of covers sounded so impeccable that even omnipresent hits on there seemed to acquire fresh colors. And it wasn’t a one-off experiment as, instead of delivering previously unheard melodies, Horn will present another collection of borrowed goods, titled “Echoes: Ancient & Modern” and scheduled to arrive on December 1st.

This time the temporal span is wider than before, as the record includes material originally recorded not only in the ’80s but also in the following decades, Horn delving again in the repertoires of Joe Jackson, FRANKIE GOES TO HOLLYWOOD and Grace Jones, having a new go at “Owner Of A Lonely Heart” that he handled himself on the last album, and welcoming again Seal and Steve Hogart, while giving other hits to other performers whose ranks feature such unexpected guests as Iggy Pop, Robert Fripp and Toyah, and taking ROXY MUSIC’s “Avalon” for himself. A riveting prospect – even in the absence of Trevor’s new music.

Echoes: Ancient & Modern

1. Swimming Pools (Drank) – with Tori Amos – by Kendrick Lamar
2. Steppin’ Out – with Seal – by Joe Jackson
3. Owner Of A Lonely Heart – with Rick Astley – by YES
4. Slave To The Rhythm – with Lady Blackbird – by Grace Jones
5. Love Is A Battlefield – with Marc Almond – by Pat Benatar
6. Personal Jesus – with Iggy Pop – by DEPECHE MODE
7. Drive – with Steve Hogarth – by THE CARS
8. Relax – with Toyah Willcox and Robert Fripp –
                  by FRANKIE GOES TO HOLLYWOOD

9. White Wedding – Andrea Corr and Jack Lukeman – by Billy Idol
10. Smells Like Teen Spirit – with Jack Lukeman – by NIRVANA
11. Avalon – by ROXY MUSIC

September 21, 2023

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